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If there’s any good news here, it’s that we all know not one of these people has the discipline to get through the week without buying more Oreos. 

There’s a lot of value in a company having a better class of customer. I expect we’ll be seeing more and more of this, coupled with more and more of the same clusterfuck of intolerance. As consumer options for the intolerant become slimmer and slimmer, new more intolerant companies will be built under the business plan of marketing to the smaller and smaller subset of individuals whose intolerance continues to wall them off from more and more of the general world at large.

Eventually their personal bubbles of intolerance will be so complete that we many never have to deal with them again. Their intolerance will define them to such a degree that every aspect of their being, from purchase to person, will be with the singular goal in mind of supporting intolerance. They’ll be effectively invisible to the rest of the world - personal and professional.

Then they’ll die off.

Meanwhile the rest of the world will continue to move forward - as it always has - and we’ll all be better off for it.

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